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We assist individuals who need to take prescription medications, yet lack the income to afford the monthly expense. Since our founding in 2001 we have assisted thousands of uninsured and underinsured individuals throughout the United States in obtaining prescriptions directly from the manufacturer. The original founders of Prescription Hope, Inc. were responsible for the origination of the prescription drug benefit program on behalf of county and state governments with the advent of the Prescription Hope program launched with the United Way of America system nationwide in July of 2006.

Many people who need this unique prescription drug assistance are unable to receive the medication that is available through patient assistance programs, due to the enormous amounts of red tape involved. As a result, millions of Americans must make the choice between taking their medication or purchasing food and other basic necessities. 

Our Vision

To assist people in accessing prescription assistance programs to improve the quality of life for the millions of people whom these programs can help, one person at a time.

Our Mission

We are here for one purpose, to help people get the medication they need at a price they can afford. At Prescription Hope, Inc. we strive each day to respect and build long term relationships with our partners and associates. To our customers we will consistently provide customer service that exceeds customer expectations.

Our Core Values

Hope sees the invisible, sees the intangible and does the impossible. We believe to do the impossible we have to recognize People are our greatest asset. We believe service, knowledge and professionalism should exceed both internal and external customer expectations. Care and quality drives everything we do and is every associate’s responsibility.

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